3M CS-25 Retrofit Cartridge for Cold Beverage Application

3M CS-25 Retrofit Cartridge for Cold Beverage Application
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Model: CS-25
Part Number: 5631511
Alt. Part Number: 55896-09
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3M C-25 Retrofit for Everpure OCS, 2CB5 Features:

  • Graded Density, multi-composite carbon block
  • 0.5 micron sediment, cyst, and turbidity reduction
  • Chlorine taste and odor reduction
  • Formerly known as CunoOCS CS-25

The 3M Retrofit  cartridges upgrade the performance of existing competitive systems with the same premium performance and design characteristics as the Series 500 and 700.

The sanitary quick change design minimizes contamination of the filtration media, while the compact footprint allows the unit to be installed snuggly behind the beverage unit or neatly uder a cabinet.

For an economical alternative, use the Omnipure E5620.

3M Retrofit for Cold Beverages Chart
3M CS-25 Retrofit Cartridge
11-3/8" (28.9 cm)
Materials of Construction
Carbon Block
Filter Life
2,000 Gallons
6 to 12 Months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Cyst, Sediment/Dirt/Rust, Turbidity
0.5 µm
3M Water Filtration
Operating Conditions
1.0 gpm
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