Kerick Heavy Duty PVC Float Valve 1/2 MIP

Made in USA 

Part Number: FVHD-50
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$13.68 / .187" orifice 7.2gpm @ 60psi
$13.68 / .312" orifice 15gpm @ 60psi
$13.68 / .25" orifice 12.5gpm @ 60psi
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Kerick 4" x 5" Float Ball with 1/4-20 self tapping threads +$3.95
Kerick Float Rod Stainless Steel with 1/4-20 Threads 3" Rod +$4.42
Kerick Float Rod Stainless Steel with 1/4-20 Threads 6" Rod +$4.57

Kerick Heavy Duty PVC Float Valve Features:

The Kerick Heavy Duty PVC Float Valves are made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials, and are completely mechanical. Float valves are rated according to the volume of liquid that can flow through them at a particular pressure to ensure the tank can be refilled as quickly as it is emptied. They are used to automatically regulate the level of liquid within tanks in a variety of applications, such as fountains, livestock water tanks, cooling towers, and chemical manufacturing plants.

  • Replaceable Santoprene rubber seals
  • Hardware made with 18-8 stainless steel
  • Bodies made of NSF approved PVC
  • 1/2" MIP inlet and outlet

This item is a part of a complete float valve, and is intended for use with 4"x5" float ball and a 3" or 6" 1/4"-20 threaded rod.

Part #Orifice SizeFlow Rate @ 20 psiFlow Rate @ 60 psi
4.4 gpm
7.2 gpm
7.7 gpm
12.5 gpm
8 gpm
15 gpm
*Flow rates are estimated

Due to the vast combination of components (valve sizes, orifice sizes, rod lengths & float sizes) Kerick Valve does not warranty this product for any particular purpose or use. Suitability of use and proper installation is the responsibility of the purchaser and/ or installer.

Limited Warranty:
Should the valve not perform as designed due to material or workmanship defect within one year of installation or two years from manufacturing date whichever comes first, Kerick Valve will replace or repair the valve at its option. Liability is limited to cost or repair of float valve assemblies only.

Float Valve Flow Chart
Float Valve Installation Diagram

Operating Conditions
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