Oasis POU1CCTHS Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler Hot & Cold

POU1CCTHS Oasis504336C
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AB1953 Compliant 

Brand New POU Countertop Water Cooler from Oasis

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Part Number: POU1CCTHS
Alt. Part Number: 504336C
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Oasis POU1CCTHS Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler Hot and Cold

The Oasis Countertop Point of Use Water Cooler provides modern, high performance water temperatures right when you need it. Enjoy the convenience of adjustable hot and or cold water in the office or at home.

Lead-Free Product
Components in this Oasis countertop water cooler are lead-free as defined by The Safe Drinking Water Amendments.

Quality Assurance
Three (3) year limited warranty offered from the manufacturer Oasis. (Full details)

UL Listed & Energy Star Rated
Meets or exceeds UL water standards and is Energy Star rated for energy efficiency.

Stylish & Sturdy.
The Artesian Water Cooler is a space-saving countertop bottleless cooler with optional two-stage water filtration. It has a stylish and modern design that integrates well with most contemporary kitchen and break room decors. The cooler features a Stainless steel reservoir and hot tank.
Temperature Safety.
Cold Water is controlled by an easy to access adjustable thermostat on the rear of the unit and hot water is a self-closing activation unit that requires a two-step action, making it easy for adults to use, but protects small children.

Convenient Features.
The cooler has a durable dishwasher safe drip tray and handles for simple portability.

Specification Sheets & Manuals

Convert Your Water Cooler Into Energy Saving & Self Sanitizing!

SIP-Neo3 is a patented new device that eliminates the growth of algae, mold viruses and bacteria in the water cooler's reservoir. Add it to your order today to ensure your drinking water is always fresh and pure!

  • SiP Ozone Sanitization is more effective than UV Disinfection.
  • SiP uses a totally natural, chemical-free technology that converts Oxygen to Activated Oxygen Ozone. Ozone is an all-natural way to purify drinking water.
  • Saves you time and money!

17.875 "
12.18 "
14.719 "
ABS, Modular Steel
Stainless Steel
Chiller Specifications
Cooler Specifications
Hot Tank Switch
3 years
UL Listed
Point of Use
Push Button
Operating Conditions
1.0 Gallons
45 6oz cups/hr Gallons
1-1/2 quarts
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