InLine EZ Clip System - Carbon

034864-001 Oasis
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Part Number: 034864-001
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Omnipure K2533-JJ Inline GAC Postfilter - 10 x 2 1/4 Tube Filter

Oasis 034864-001 InLine EZ Clip System - Carbon

The Carbon Replacement Element is simple to install or replace and is easy to maintain. It is beneficial to your Oasis Backyard Drinking Fountain, as it can improve its life by minimizing sediment, or scale build up in water pipes & valves. It filters out harmful impurities, odors or undesirable tastes in the water caused by chlorine and other impurities.

The replacement is more Eco-Friendly than other filtration products, for the filter media is the only part that is disposed of, and the filter housing is reusable.

The Oasis Outdoor Drinking Fountain is Eco Friendly and Economical.  It reduces the amount of waste accumulated from the use of plastic bottles or disposable cups and it is many times more cost efficient than bottled water.


  • Media Capacity/Life: 1000 Gallons or 6 Months
  • Media: Carbon
  • Treats: Chlorine, Taste & Odor

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