Sterilight S36RL UV Lamp for S12Q & S24Q Series / S40Q & SUV24P-100P Systems

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Model: S12Q & S24Q Series, S40Q, SUV24P-100P
Part Number: S36RL
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Sterilight S810RL Replacement UV Lamp

The Sterilight S810RL Replacement UV Lamp is the regular intensity original replacement UV bulb for many Sterilight UV systems. When you buy a Genuine Sterilight S810RL UV lamp you can be assured of the performance, safety, and warranty of your system.

Standard full one-year warranty.
The Sterilight S810RL UV lamps have been tested in order to deliver a specific UV intensity for each system. Using a genuine Viqua Sterilight lamp ensures warranties on all other system components, too.

Genuine Viqua UV lamp.
The Sterilight S810RL UV lamp can easily be identified by the green bulb base. Using a genuine Viqua UV lamp will ensure your UV system functions perfectly and won't void your warranty.

Popular reFresh Product.
Since you need a replacement lamp once a year, sign up for our reFresh program! Click Here to learn more about the program, and how you can get all your replacement Viqua UV lamp auto-shipped!

Fits the Following Systems:
  • S12Q-PA
  • S12Q-GOLD
  • S24Q-GOLD
  • S12Q-PA/2
  • S12Q-GOLD/2
  • S24Q-GOLD/2
  • S12Q
  • S24Q
  • S40Q
  • S12Q/2
  • S24Q/2
  • 24P-100P
  • SSM-39

9000 hrs.
4 Pin Stepped
Germicidal (254nm), Preheat
100-250 V
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