Viqua D4 Ultraviolet Water System Powered by UVMax 12 gpm

Viqua D4 Ultraviolet Water System Powered by UVMax 12 gpm
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System Voltage And Prefilter Options
120 Volt
120 Volt With Sediment Prefilter Kit

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UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for UVMAX C/D, C4/D4, DPLUS/D4 PLUS +$129.00

Viqua D4 Ultraviolet Water System Powered by UVMax 12 gpm

The quality of your drinking water can change with time and can become contaminated with harmful bacteria. The Viqua D4 Ultraviolet Disinfection System provides an economical, reliable, environmentally-safe and chemical-free alternative to chemical disinfection. Whether you are on municipal or private well water, the Viqua D4 Whole-House UV Disinfection System will be perfect for reducing harmful bacteria, viruses and microorganisms such as Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and E.Coli.

Viqua UV System Point-of-Entry Schematic

Features & Advantages

Chemical-free Disinfection
The Viqua D4 Ultraviolet System is a chemical-free alternative for any home in the need of water disinfection. This system uses UV light to
sterilize harmful bacteria, viruses
and microorganisms like:

  • Cryptosporidium
  • Giardia
  • E. Coli

The Power Of UV
This system uses ultraviolet light to sterilize viruses and bacteria. The UV light literally breaks the bond of the molecules inside the DNA of viruses and bacteria, making them unable to reproduce.
By changing the DNA, we are able to en-
sure that those microorganisms are
completely disinfected, and can no
longer cause harm or illness.
Added Protection
Get added protection with our custom assembled Sediment Prefilter Kit. This kit comes with a 50/5 micron graded density polypropylene sediment filter, which reduces the presence of dirt, sediment and turbidity in your water. It is vital to pre-
filter your water because the presence of dirt and sediment can clog and damage your UV system. This kit includes:

  • (1) Neo-Pure MB-45200-05 20" BB Graded Density Polypropylene Sediment Filter 50/5 Micron
  • (1) 20" BB Double O-Ring Filter Housing 3/4" NPT w/out PR
  • (1) Metal Mounting Bracket for 10" & 20" BB Housings
  • (4) Lag Bolts for Mounting Bracket for 10" & 20" BB Housings
This system is designed for long term use. The warranty extends 3 years for the power supply, 10 years for the UV chambers, and 1 year for the lamp and sensors.
For best results, we recommend that you:

  • Clean Quartz Sleeve regularly
  • Replace UV Lamp every 12 months
  • Use our Sediment Prefilter Kit to protect the system & lamp from damaging sediment
Convenient Design
This high-quality system features:

  • Controller w/ water-resistant case
  • Indicator lights show status of
    each system component
  • LED display showing lamp
    replacement reminder
  • Universal power input
  • High-output UV lamp
Genuine VIQUA Replacements
The Viqua D4 System is compatible with our 602810-102 Replacement Lamp Combo Kit. To ensure ongoing disinfection of your water, UV lamps need to be replaced annually with VIQUA factory-supplied replacements. At Fresh Water Systems, we only carry genuine Viqua replacement lamps and quartz sleeves.
The combo kit for the D4 Plus includes:

  • (1) Trojan UV Lamp: 602805
  • (1) Quartz Sleeve: 602732
  • (2) Trojan O-ring: 2045
Curious about your water quality? Click the links below to find out more about these common water contaminants.
GiardiaCryptosporidiumE. Coli

Specification Sheets & Manuals

3/4" MPT
20.5 "
4 "
304 Stainless Steel Reactor
CE Standards
3 yr on power supply and electrical compnents, 10 yrs on UV chamber, 1 yr on lamps and sensors
System Type
120 V
50-60 Hz
50 W
Operating Conditions
23 gpm
12 gpm
9 gpm
32-122 °F
125 max psi
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