DigiPure 9000S Countertop Filter System, White

CT-9000S-W SavantCT-SA178
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Part Number: CT-9000S-W
Alt. Part Number: CT-SA178
MSRP: $79.79
Price: $56.99 

Savant CT-SA178 DigiPure 9000S Countertop Filter System - White Features:

The DigiPure 9000S Countertop Water Filter System is an easy to install solution for customers that can't permanently install a water filtration system. The 9000S is also portable, making it a great choice for anyone that travels or has more than one house.

  • Advanced digital control circuitry to accurately monitor cartridge life with LCD Display.
  • Audible alarm sounds to indicate when cartridge or battery replacement is necessary.
  • Easy connection with most kitchen faucets.
  • Accepts most standard 9-3/4 x 2-1/2" carbon filters or ceramic filters.
  • Filter option #1 is a chlorine taste and odor (CTO) 5 micron carbon block filter
  • Filter option #2 is a CTO, cyst and lead 1 micron carbon block filter
  • Filter option #3 is a CTO, cyst, lead and bacteria 0.7 absolute ceramic/carbon block filter

The LCD display monitor of the DigiPure 9000S is equipped with a digital control circuit coupled with a precise flow sensor to accurately monitor the volume of water used and the remaining volume capacity of the filter.

Drinking Water System
Bacteriostat Agent, Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Lead, Sediment
1000 Gallons
Carbon Block & KDF
12.2 "
6 "
6.7 "
Operating Conditions
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