PuROTwist 4-Stage 50gpd RO w/ AG Faucet

PT4000T50-SSAG PuROLine & PuROTwist
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WQA Gold Seal 

High quality, under sink, Reverse Osmosis drinking water system

50 Gallons Per Day

Part Number: PT4000T50-SSAG
MSRP: $313.59
Price: $223.99 

The PuROTwist 4000 Reverse Osmosis System 50GPD w/ AG Faucet Features:

The PuROTwist PT4000T50-SSAG Reverse Osmosis System purifies water in four stages in order to provide contaminant-free, polished drinking water. The system is applicable to a variety of systems, including ice and coffee makers, drinking water and plant systems.

  • Four Stage Purification System:
    1. Sediment Prefilter: removes physical particles down to 5 Micron
    2. Carbon Prefilter: protects the RO Membrane by removing chlorine and sediment
    3. RO Membrane: removes high percentage of inorganic dissolved solids
    4. Carbon Postfilter: polishes taste, and clarifies drinking water
  • Purifies water for ice maker, coffee, tea, pets, and plants
  • Encapsulated filters provide for quick and easy replacement
  • Easy to install under kitchen sink with John Guest fittings

PuROTwist PT4000T50-SSAG Reverse Osmosis System Installation Manual
4 Stage
50 GPD
Quick Connect Fittings
Quick Change Cartridge
Omnipure 50 gpd
3.2 Gallons
Standard Air Gap Faucet
Operating Conditions
40-100 °F
40-100 psi
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