3M Aqua-Pure AP917HD High Flow SQC CTO Sediment/Carbon Filter

56210-06 Aqua-Pure - 3M PurificationAP917HD

NSF Certified 

Ideal for Larger Homes and Light Commercial Applications

Replacement for the AP917R

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Model: AP903
Part Number: 56210-06
Alt. Part Number: AP917HD, AP917R, 56210-03
MSRP: $271.19
Price: $174.14 

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3M Aqua-Pure AP917HD High Flow SQC CTO Sediment/Carbon Filter

The Aqua-Pure AP917HD (Heavy Duty) features the SQC (Sanitary Quick Change) design, an industry first for this application, allowing for fast and easy cartridge change-outs without the need of a filter wrench. This filter removes particulate, dust, and the taste & odor of chlorine from drinking water. It also will protect your equipment and pipes against scaling. The filter requires no pre-activation, has an o-ring seal type, and features a 100,000 gallon capacity and a flow rate of 20 gpm. The Aqua-Pure AP917HD will give you clean, refreshing water for a year.

NOTE: The AP917R cartridge for the AP900 Series systems has been upgraded to the AP917HD which has improved performance for areas with very fine particulate. This cartridge replaces the discontinued AP917R.

NSF Certified
Tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material and structural requirements only.

FDA Approved
This filter is constructed with materials that are FDA CFR-21 approved for water that is filtered to a level that is safe and clean for cooking and drinking.

Contaminant Reducer
The Aqua-Pure AP917HD has a 5 micron filtration rating that reduces chlorine taste & odor, sediment, dirt, and rust.

    Aqua-Pure AP917HD Alternate Part Numbers:
  • 3M AP917HD Part Number: 5621006
  • 3M AP917HD ID: 70020269687
  • 3M AP917R Part Number: 5621003
  • 3M AP917R ID: 70020204478
  • 3M AP917R UPC: 00016145192050

FDA CFR-21, NSF 42
29" (73.7 cm)
4.5" (11.4 cm)
Materials of Construction
Carbon Block
Filter Life
100,000 Gallons
1 Year
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Sediment/Dirt/Rust
5 µm
1" NPT
Aqua-Pure - 3M Purification
Operating Conditions
25-125 psi
20 gpm
40-100 °F
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