NOSHOK Bottom Mount 2.5" Pressure Gauge 0-160 PSI, SS, 1/4" NPT

NOSHOK 25-901-160 Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge - 2.5-inch, 0-160 PSI, S.S., 1/4-inch NPT
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Liquid Gauges are used on industrial applications throughout the world where pulsation, vibration and shock is present and the pressure media is not corrosive to brass.

Model: 900 Series Pressure Gauge
Part Number: 25-901-160
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NOSHOK Bottom Mount 2.5" Water Pressure Gauge 0-160 psi, S.S., 1/4" NPT

The NOSHOK 25-901-160 gauges are a high quality gauge that incorporates unique design features aimed at extended service life and reliability. The are used world wide where pulsation, vibration, and shock are present and the media is not corrosive to brass.

  • Extremely high quality pressure gauges
  • Liquid filled for extended service life and shock resistance
  • Stainless Steel case with polycarbonate lens
  • Unique o-ring case and connection seals guard against leakage and protect against shock and vibration
  • Relief disc on top and back provides positive case relief
  • High grade glycerine fill dampens the effects of pulsation, vibration and shock loads, and provides lubrication of the movement
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Applications: Chemical Plants, Petro Chemical Refineries, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Processing, Fertilizer Plants, Off-Shore Oil Platforms, Paper Mills, Salt Mines, On Shipboard

FWS Pressure Gauges Specification Sheet

Lower Bottom
1/4" MPT
Operating Specs
0 - 160 psi
A (2-1-2%)
304 Stainless Steel
Molded Plastic with Black/Red Print
Molded Plastic
Glycerine and water
2.5" (63 mm)
Brass, Copper Alloy
Stainless Steel, fixed
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NOSHOK Bottom Mount 2.5" Pressure Gauge 0-160 PSI, SS, 1/4" NPT Specifications