Bio-Logic BIO-1.5PWP Pure Water Pack 1.5 gpm

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Bio-Logic BIO-1.5PWP Pure Water Pack 1.5 gpm

The Bio-Logic Pure Water Pack combines an ultraviolet water purification unit with a dual cartridge filter system for great tasting drinking water. This all-inclusive system installs under the sink to provide 1.5 gallons per minute of great tasting cold drinking water. The Bio-Logic series from Atlantic UV utilizes germicidal ultraviolet lamps that produce short-wave radiation that is lethal to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water. Economical and safe, the Bio-Logic Ultraviolet Water Purifier offers rapid water treatment without the use of heat or dangerous chemicals, often for the lowest cost available.

  • Quick Lamp Change - Exclusive Easy-Off™ Retainer Cap enables effortless lamp replacement without shut down of water pressure or drainage of tank. No tools required.
  • Stainless Steel Construction - 316 SS Electropolished
  • Fused Quartz Sleeve - Insures optimum lamp output at normal potable water temperatures.
  • Dual Heads- Heads may be removed and rotated and individually oriented for versatility during installation.
  • Installation Kit: Includes everything necessary to hook up entire systems - tubing, saddle valve, and a long reach faucet.
  • Mounting Bracket: Stainless steel bracket with all system components factory installed. Unit is ready for hook up under the sink as soon as it's removed from the carton.
  • Origin - Assembled in USA
  • Warranty - 12 years UV chamber, 3 years Ballast, 1 year Lamp and Quartz Sleeve

Bio-Logic BIO-1.5PWP Pure Water Pack 1.5 gpm Specifications
Atlantic_UV-Bio1.5-Ultraviolet Water purifier Manual

15Lx5-5/8Wx17-1/2H "
3/8" MPT
316 Stainless Steel Reactor
1 year
System Type
120 V
50-60 Hz
14 W
Operating Conditions
1.5 gpm
33-100 °F
100 max psi
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