Pentek 150150 #10 All Natural Standard Housing No Plugs

150150 Pentek
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All Natural Pure Polypropylene Housing

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    Pentek 150150 #10 All Natural Standard Housing No Plugs Features:

    Pentek 150150 #10 All Natural Standard Housings help maintain the high standards of purity and performance required in critical contamination control systems and processes. These housings can be used for a variety of other applications where purity, quality, filtration and economy are required and have 3/4" NPT inlet and outlet threads.

    • An economical solution to fluoropolymer, stainless steel, or Teflon housings
    • Pure Polyproylene components - no fillers, colorants, plasticizers, or lubricants
    • Ultra-smooth contact surfaces prevent bacterial adhesion and build-up
    • Resists DI water and other inorganic solutions
    • Resists stress cracking
    • Viton O-rings provide dependable sealing

    Pentek 150150 #10 All Natural Standard Housing No Plugs Applications

    • Deionized and reagent grade water
    • Electronic grade chemicals
    • Reagent grade chemicals
    • Pharmaceutical grade solvents
    • Reaction solvents for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, or polyester production
    • Freon (TF, 113)
    • Electronic etching solutions
    • Magnetic coatings
    • Reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration final filters

Housing Specifications
Operating Conditions
1 psi @ 10 gpm
100 psi
100 °F
12-1/2 "
5-1/8 "
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