EV9270-90 Everpure® SPA-400 Designer Home Spa and Bath Water Filtration System

EV9270-90 Everpure Residential
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NSF Certified 

Commercial grade drinking water system for your spa and bath

Designed to connect to your existing bathroom faucet

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Everpure SPA-400 Designer Home Spa and Bath Water Filtration System

The Everpure SPA-400 Spa & Bath Water Filtration System addresses the issues associated with water quality in the bathroom by reducing unwanted lead, particulate and chemical impurities, while retaining healthful minerals such as fluoride, making it the perfect water source for teeth brushing and a healthy mouth. The SPA-400 is designed to connect to your existing lavatory faucet, so bringing the convenience of filtered water to your master bath, children’s or guest bathroom is easier than ever.

  • Designed with unique Micro-Pure technology
  • Easily installed using common household tools
  • Reduces: Lead, cysts, dirt, cloudiness, mold, algae, particulates, oxidized materials, and chlorine taste & odor

Replacing the filter annually is recommended when capacity is reached, or when flow is diminished. When it is time to change the SPA-400 filter, order the Everpure EV9270-91 replacement cartridge.

Included Components Chart

System Components EV9270-90
QL3 Filter Head

SPA-400 Filter Cartridge

Feed Stop Adapter

15 Feet of 1/4" OD Tubing

Elbow Fitting Pack Restrictor

Faucet Connector


Sold Separately

Specification Sheets & Manuals

Everpure SPA-400 Specifications
Everpure SPA-400 Replacement Filters Warranty
Everpure SPA-400 Installation Guide
20 "
5 "
5 "
Drinking Water System
Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts, Dirt, Lead, Mold & Algae, Oxidized Iron, Oxidized Manganese, Oxidized Sulfides, Sediment, Turbidity (cloudiness)
3000 Gallons
0.5 µm
2.2 gpm
Operating Conditions
10 - 125 psi
35 - 100 °F
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