Everpure EV9797-91 MRS-20 Reverse Osmosis System

EV9797-91 Everpure
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Complete Mineral Reduction Water Processing System

Part Number: EV9797-91
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Everpure EV9797-91 MRS-20 Reverse Osmosis System Features:

  • Improves equipment life and performance by removing at least 90% of all dissolved solids tht cause scale build-up.
  • Protects againsst taste and odor causing contaminants while removing dirt particles and dissolved  minerals.
  • Less frequent deliming of equipment means reduced maintenance and service costs
  • Easy to operate system has no moving parts and requires no electrical power
  • System includes mineral reduction processor, carbon filter cartridge, reverse osmosis cartridge, storage tank, and pressure regulator assembly
  • Ideal for Flash steamers, conventional steamers, cheese melters, combi-ovens, and coffee/espresso machines

Everpure EV9797-91 MRS-20 Reverse Osmosis System Specifications
Everpure EV9797-91 MRS-20 Reverse Osmosis System Warranty

Also Compatible With:
Nu-Calgon 9797-91
25- Processor -- 27 Tank "
22.5- Processor -- 22.5 Tank "
5- Processor -- 11.25 Tank "
Coffee System, Espresso Filtration, Steam System
Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts
3/8" Inlet/Outlet
Operating Conditions
10-125 psi
40-100 °F
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