3M BetaPure Polyolefin Filter 140 mic Absolute (100 mic Nominal) - 19.5

3M BetaPure Polyolefin Filter 140 mic Absolute (100 mic Nominal) - 19.5
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3M BetaPure AU19V11NG Polyolefin Filter 140 mic Absolute (100 mic Nominal) - 19.5"

Betapure filter manufacturing utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce a clean, rigid, filter structure with consistent and reproducable filtration characteristics. The filter matrix is constructed using long bicomponents fibers, each fiber having an inner core and an outer sheath. The bicomponent fibers of the filter matrix are thermally bonded by utilizing the difference in melt temperatures of the two fiber components. Heating the matrix to the melt temperature of the polyethylene sheath, but below that of the polypropylene core, causes the fiber-to-fiber bond at every contact point. The high degree of fiber-to-fiber bonding provides a rigid structure that eliminates the need for a core support and any possibility of media migration.

  • 99.9% efficient @ 100 mic
  • Absolute Ratings
  • Rigid Structure
  • Depth Filtration
  • Patented Gasket Design
  • Lower Pressure Drop

3M Beta-Pure AU19V11NG Applications

  • Coatings - Magnetic Media, High Quality Paint, Film Coatings, Resins and Ink
  • Food & Beverage - Bottled Water, Pre RO, Blend Water & Wash Water
  • General Industrial - Desalination, Plating, Machine Tool Coolant and Process Water
  • Pharmaceutical - Water, Solvents, Chemicals, Pre RO, Antibiotic Intermediate Production
  • Electronics - Pre RO, Water Slurries, Ceramic Slurries, Chemical Mechanical Polishing, Cathode Ray Tube Production & Disc Cleaning
  • Chemical/Petro-Chemical - Process Water, Pre RO, Amine, Fine Chemicals & MTBE

The Betapure filter ensures that the unwanted particles are removed because:    
  • The rigid structure maintains its porosity throughout the filter life.
  • The depth structure removes more difficult deformable contaminants.

3M BetaPure AU19V11NG Ordering Guide
3M BetaPure AU19V11NG Information & Specs

19 1/2" (49.5 cm)
Materials of Construction
Filter Life
As Needed
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
100 µm
140 µm
3M Fluid Purification
Operating Conditions
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