Pura UV36002016 Compatible Replacement UV Lamp #10

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Model: UV Addon-1 & UV-1 Series
Part Number: UV36002016
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Pura 36002016 Compatible Replacement UV Lamp #10

Replacing your Pura UV Addon-1 & UV-1 Series, 36002016, UV lamp every 12 months is important to ensure consistent water quality. While Pura #10 Compatible UV lamps rarely burn out they do lose their ultraviolet lamp intensity (disinfection power) over time.

The Pura #10 UV Lamp is the heart of the Addon-1 & UV-1 Series systems, which can disinfects from 1 to 2 gallons per minute, when prefiltration is effectively maintained. It is also important to replace your quartz sleeve if damaged or if it cannot be cleaned by non-abrasive methods.

If it is time to replace your Quartz Sleeve:

Pura UV Addon-1 & UV-1 Series Systems Brochure
Pura UV Addon-1 & UV-1 Series Installation Manual & Owners Guide

Also Compatible With:
Aqua Sun International UV10
PURA 210-100
Pura UV Lamps & Filters 210-100, 10-212, 1 GPM, 812RL, UV10, UV100
12 months
4 Pin
Germicidal (254nm), Preheat
10 W
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