Aquatec 5502-IDN2-V77DUL Variable Speed Pump 4.3 GPM @ 50 PSI

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NSF Certified  Made in USA 

Constant PSI

Variable Speed Delivery/Demand Pump

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Model: Smart Pumps
Part Number: 5502-IDN2-V77DUL
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Aquatec Variable Speed, 4.3 gpm 50psi 115V UL Features:

The Aquajet Variable Speed Smart Pump provides constant pressure and integrates a state-of-the-art digital controller which maintains a constant pressure (within 2 PSI) for variable flow rates throughout their operating ranges. A pressure transducer monitors any pressure changes and adjusts the operating speed accordingly.

Great for applications with long lengths of hose or that require variable flow rates such as multiple fixtures drawing fluid from a single source.

  • 50 PSI Standard Setting
  • 3/4" Quad Ports
  • 5 Chamber Diaphram
  • 6 Ft. Line Cord

Aquatec 5502-IDN2-V77D Smart Pump Benefits:

  • Constant pressure across multiple outlets
  • No accumulator tanks required
  • Reduces system bacteria
  • Reduces space requirements
  • No pressure switches required
  • Less system service required
  • Plug-and-play performance

Aquatec 5502-IDN2-V77D Variable Speed Pump Technical Information
Aquatec 550 Series Operation and Installation Manual

Also Compatible With:
Advanced Water Products RO-QC3 / RO-QC4 / RO-QC4P Replacement Parts IDN2-V77D
Made in USA
7.28 "
3.93 "
5.25 "
Operating Conditions
50 psi
Max 140 °F
60 max psi
Self prime up to 11 ft
Pump Specifications
Variable Speed Booster
3/4" Quad Port
3/4" Quad port
4.3 gpm gpm
2200 RPM
Lead Wires & 180° Front Bell Rotation
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