Glass Jar 1 Gallon with Pour Lid and Handle

Glass Jar 1 Gallon with Pour Lid and Handle
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Made in USA 

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Part Number: GL01WMF-POUR
Alt. Part Number: 745, tea tapper, GL01GWMF-LID
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1 Gallon Glass Jar with Pour Lid and Handle

This 1 Gallon Glass Jar is used for safe storage of drinking water, tea, juices, milk and other food & dairy storage applications. It also fits the Pure Water Mini Classic II Distiller Cabinet. The carry handle and pour lid allow for convenient storage and use. Most nutritionists recommend drinking water containers comprised of either glass or stainless steel for storing and consuming drinking water.

To be eco-friendly, we recommend using reusable glass containers for your beverages. Glass is better for the environment because it helps inhibit plastic waste. Even in its smallest form, plastic will never biodegrade, that is why it is so important try to reduce plastic waste across landfills. Glass is also better for the taste of your beverages. Glass eliminates the bad plastic taste that other bottles give your drinks. Lastly, glass is also more durable and less likely to harbor bacteria.

Note: The lid for this jar was manufactured here in the United States and is FDA registered and GMP compliant. We do not have specific enough information to claim that it is BPA free, but the manufacturer takes pride in using the latest technology to provide customers with safe plastic solutions that will give your family worry free drinking for years to come.

Some of the creative uses for this jar include:
Kombucha Tea
Iced Tea
Raw Milk
Goat Milk
Distilled Water
Sun Tea
Homemade Laundry Detergent

Made in the USA
This glass jar has been proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

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