Filmtec TW30-2013 Tap Water 100 GPD RO Membrane Element

Filmtec TW30-2013 Tap Water TFC Membrane 100 GPD
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Made in USA 

Tap Water Membrane

100 Gallon Per Day

Part Number: TW30-2013
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Filmtec TW30-2013 Tap Water Membrane 2.0" x 13" 100 GPD Features:

The Dow FILMTEC Tap Water Membranes are specifically designed for small commercial grade applications. These TFC (Thin Film Composite) reverse osmosis elements are designed to withstand the high pressure of commercial applications, and can be utilized in single or multi-element housing or pressure vessel configurations.

  • 100 Gallon Per Day
  • 300 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • This Film Composite Membrane
  • Advanced membrane technology and automated fabrication delivers consistent performance

Dow FILMTEC TW30-2013 Tap Water RO Membrane Element Specifications

13 "
1.8 "
225 psi
100 gpd
99 %
Membrane Specifications
Drop-in Element
Outside - In
2-3 Years,2-3 Years months
Spiral Wound
Polyamide Thin-Film
Operating Conditions
113 °F
300 psi
<0.1 ppm
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