Viqua Sterilight Cobalt SCM320-DWS22 Drinking Water System 13 gpm w/ UV Intensity Monitor

SCM320-DWS22 Viqua
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Compact High Flow UV Filtration System

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UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SPV-6, SP320-HO, SC/SCM-320 +$125.00
Neo-Pure Stainless Steel Flow Restrictor 1" FNPT 13 gpm +$58.00
Neo-Pure CTO1-4520 20" x 4-1/2" Coconut Shell Carbon Block Filter 5 micron Single +$34.49
Neo-Pure 20" BB Graded Density Polypropylene Sediment Filter 50/5 mic Single +$18.95

Viqua Sterilight Cobalt 13 gpm UV Water Filter System w/ UV Intensity Monitor

The Viqua Sterilight Cobalt™ SCM320-DWS22 system provides a point-of-entry water treatment system with both disinfection and filtration. The SCM320-DWS22 is ideal for POE applications such as a whole home or cottage that require a high flow rate.

The new Cobalt Plus Controller provides constant output current and a universal power input (100-240V./50-60Hz.), as well as visually displaying % UV output, remaining lamp life and total days of operation. It also features the addition of a discrete 254 nm UV sensor and the capability of adding an optional solenoid shutoff valve. 

  • Sterilight Cobalt comes complete with a 1" FNPT inlet connection and a unique combination port (3/4" FNPT & 1" MNPT) on the outlet connection.
  • This compact unit incorporates Sterilight's Cobalt™ disinfection system and two filter housings, all on the same installation bracket.
  • The Viqua Sterilight SCM-320 provides point-of-entry disinfection with a flow rate of 8 gpm (30.3 lpm) at a 30 mJ/cm² dose (6 gpm (22.7 lpm) if a dose of 40 mJ/cm² is required.)
  • This modular system, incorporating the new Cobalt™ controller, is ideal for any application requiring a high flow rate in a compact space.
  • The new Cobalt™ "PLUS" controller providing constant output current and a universal power input (100-240V./50-60Hz.), as well as visually displaying % UV output, remaining lamp life and total days of operation.
  • Sterilight Cobalt Systems are packaged in a water-tight case and come fully CSA and CE compliant.
  • The SC-320 is manufactured with a polished, 304 stainless steel axial flow reactor.
  • Lamp change is easily accomplished without interrupting the water flow, or having to drain the reactor and the overmoulded connector can be removed without any additional tools.

This system is sold without filter cartridges. One of the two filter housings can be used for a 5 micron sediment reduction, while the second can hold a carbon filter for taste and odor reduction. The filtration portion of the SC320-DWS22 preceeds the disinfection unit.

This system is compatible with the S320RL-HO Sterilight Lamp and the QS-320 Quartz Sleeve. For any necessary system replacements, the UV Lamp/Quartz Sleeve Combo Kit for SC320-DWS22 includes:

1" MPT, 1" MPT
22.8 "
3.5 "
304 Stainless Steel Reactor, 304 Stainless Steel Reactor
Audible Lamp Failure, Audible Lamp Failure, UV Intensity Monitor, Visual Power On, Visual Power On
1 year
System Type
100-240 V, 100-240 V
50-60 Hz, 50-60 Hz
42 W
Operating Conditions
13 gpm
36-104 °F
14.5-125 psi
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