Watts Zero Waste Retrofit Kit


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Watts Zero Waste Retrofit Kit, Features:

Watts Premier now has the solution for converting your existing Reverse Osmosis system into a Zero Waste, simply by adding a few additional components. Our Zero Waste retro fit kit redirects the rinse water from the RO membrane, that normally would go down the drain, and pushes it into the hot water side of your home plumbing system. By redirecting the rinse water into the hot water side of your plumbing system, you can still use that water for washing dishes, cleaning, and other hot water applications that do not require purified water. A converted Zero Waste RO system still produces high quality drinking water and maximizes the efficiency of the system, allowing you the benefit of using the rinse water that would otherwise be wasted. 

Using our patented system, converting your existing RO System to a Zero Waste returns unused water from your RO system back to your home's hot water supply.

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