Watts WQCGAC11 Kwik Change 11" GAC Carbon Post Filter

Replacement filter for Watts Kwik Change RO System

Part Number: WQCGAC11
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Watts WQCGAC11 Kwik Change 11" GAC Carbon Post Filter Features:

  • Cartridges connect directly to the unit by a simple 1/4 turn.
  • Filter housings are eliminated. No mess during cartridge replacement!
  • Internal valves shut off flow when cartridges are removed.
  • Cartridges have double o-rings so they won't leak
  • Compact design, so the unit requires less space below your sink.
  • High grade activated carbon
  • Reduces chlorine and bad tastes and odors

Product Note: This filter will NOT fit the Watts Premier RO Pure RO-4 System. If you have one of these systems please order part number 105341.

Filter Specifications
11" (27.9 cm)
Operating Conditions
0.50 gpm
Filter Life
6 to 12 Months
Materials of Construction
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
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