PAE RO-1070 Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank Powder Coated Steel 14 Gal

PAE RO-1070 14 Gal Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank Powder Coated Steel
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NSF Certified  BPA Free 

Either 1/4" or 3/4" Stainless Steel Connection

14 Gal RO storage tank model RO-1070

Model: PAE RO-1070
Part Number: ROT-14
Alt. Part Number: RO-1070, TKE-1070-14B-34, RO-1070, ROT-14W-34

PAE RO-1070 Reverse Osmosis Storage Tank Powder Coated Steel 14 Gal

The PAE RO-1070 is built with FDA approved materials. The water storage chamber features a virgin polypropylene liner, high-grade chlorobutyl diaphragm and stainless steel 1/4" MPT, 3/8" JACO valve or 3/4" MPT water connection. The diaphragm is post-cured to ensure that your water is tasteless, odorless and contaminant free. The tank is built with a sealed brass air valve and o-ring sealed cap to ensure a leak-free air chamber.

  • Stainless steel water connection
  • High-grade chlorobutyl diaphragm
  • Virgin polypropylene liner
  • Two part epoxy primer, polyurethane paint finish
  • Plastic tank stand included
  • NSF-58 and CE approved
  • Compatible with Amtrol RO-14

PAE RO-1070 14 gallon RO Storage Tank Specifications
Tank Volume Comparison Chart

Reverse Osmosis Tank Maintenance and Accessories:

A tank shut-off valve is necessary to connect the tank to your reverse osmosis system and control the flow of water into and out of the tank. The valve is also essential for performing system service or maintenance. If your RO system uses 1/4" OD tubing to connect to the tank, select the LFPP4VFE4 valve. If your system uses 3/8" OD tubing select the PP6VFE4-MG valve.

For optimal performance, it is necessary to keep a pre-charge of approximately 7 psi in your tank. Most automotive tire pressure gauges either do not read below 10 psi, or are not very accurate at pressures this low. 54846 Tank Pressure Gauge reads pressures between 0 and 20 psi, making it perfect for RO tank maintenance.

The RO tank should be sanitized before initial use and during every filter change. The Reverse Osmosis Sanitizing Maintenance Kit features Sani-System, an EPA & NSF certified sanitizer, making it a great alternative to using chlorine bleach. The kit also includes a syringe for application of the sanitizer.

Also Compatible With:
AquaSky ROT-14
Reverse Osmosis Storage Tanks Amtrol RO-14
Tank Specifications
14 Gallons
9 Gallons
7 psi
1/4" or 3/4" MPT Stainless Steel
22-7/8 "
15-3/8 "
27 lbs
Operating Conditions
100 psi
Butyl Rubber
NSF Certified to Standard 58
1 year
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