Oasis ProSelect R1P Water Chiller 1 GPH

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NSF Certified  AB1953 Compliant 

The perfect In-Line Water Chiller for home or Office!

Part Number: 503802
Alt. Part Number: R1P
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Price: $394.29 
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Expansion Chamber Kit for Oasis R1P Chiller +$13.42
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Oasis ProSelect R1P Water Chiller  vs. Crystal Mountain P1LFL1C Water Chiller

• #304 Stainless Steel cold water reservoir
• Copper evaporator
• Adjustable cold water thermostat
• Powder coated cold rolled steel casing
• Pressure reducing valve & shock arrestor protects from pressure surges
• Chiller Capacity - 3 GPH
• Better ventilation of heat since the unit is an open style

• Stainless Steel storage tank
• Copper evaporator
• Adjustable thermostat
• Powder Coated galvanized steel cabinet
• Welded water lines to eliminate corrosion and assures leak proof operation
• Chiller Capacity - 1 GPH
• Air-cooled ventilation system

Oasis ProSelect R1P Water Chiller

The Oasis ProSelect R1P water chiller will produce chilled water at a rate of approximately 1 gallon per hour. It has a stainless steel storage tank and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Annex G (lead-free). The R1P is air-cooled and designed to fit conveniently under a sink. Upgrade from your old water chiller and get switched to the Oasis ProSelect R1P Water Chiller for cooler, more refreshing drinking water.

Our Water Quality Specialists wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to install this system, so don't forget to add the specially designed Expansion Chamber Kit and Neo-Pure Quick Change Filter Kit to your cart for easier installation, advanced filtration and an exceptional deal.

NSF Certified.
The Oasis ProSelect R1P Water Chiller is certified by NSF to meet Standard 61 Annex G for lead-free content. NSF Certification is a third-party certification that assures this product complies with strict standards for quality and safety.

Certified Lead-Free.
The Oasis ProSelect R1P Water Chiller is certified lead-free according to the ANSI Standard 61 Annex G and uses 1/4" O.D. stainless steel tubing connections, and a powder-coated galvanized steel cabinet with plastic front.

Compact Air-Cooled Design.
This chiller is made to fit and install easily under your sink, making it an easy and convenient appliance to have in your kitchen.

It also comes with a 4 ft. insulated power cord with NEMA 5-15 plug for easy installation.

Additional Features:
  • Leak-Proof
  • One Year
    Limited Warranty
  • Highly Rated Cooling
    Capacity of 1 gph

The Oasis Proselect Requires Three Additional Products For Optimal Perfomance:

The Expansion Chamber Kit for Oasis R1P Chiller - This Kit is composed of the necessary installation components that the R1P Chiller requires in the installation diagram, and they are used as a safety measure to ensure that there is no back flow of water entering into the tank of the chiller. A kit like this is required for installation but is not included with the chiller, so our water quality specialists put one together for you!

The Neo-Pure Quick Change Filter Kit - The R1P Chiller does not currently filter the water it chills. Our water quality specialists designed this filtration kit especially for this chiller in order to reduce contaminants such as sediment, rust, cysts, lead, chlorine, taste and odor - which would otherwise not be reduced. The kit is composed of an NSF 42 and 43 certified filter, a mounting bracket, lead-free angle stop adapter, and all other necessary installation components.

Drinking Water Faucet - The R1P Chiller requires a drinking water faucet, but there is not one included with the chiller. We offer an array of high-quality, lead-free drinking water faucets to match any kitchen.

Oasis R1P includes the following installation parts:

1/4" OD Blue PE Tubing 4 ft
1/4" OD White PE Tubing  6 ft
1/4" Union Elbow Fitting 2
Pan Head Screw 1
 Power Cord 1
1/4" Tubing Clip1

Specification Sheets & Manuals

14.75 "
10.3 "
8.72 "
Chiller Specifications
Cooler Specifications
1 YEAR Limited Warranty
NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex G
Point of Use
Operating Conditions
1 gph
Varies based on inlet water temperature °F
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