DX-2 Handheld Radiation Monitor (0-100 mR/hr)

DX-2 Industrial Test Systems
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Easy-to-use Pocket Geiger Counter Radiation Detector

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DX-2 Handheld Radiation Monitor (0-100 mR/hr)

  • The easy-to-use Pocket Geiger Counter Radiation Detector provides you with quick and accurate measurements of radioactivity
  • Handheld radiation detection device is ideal for Homeland Security, detecting environmental and industrial contamination, education, and rock and mineral enthusiasts

The DX-2 instantly indicates levels of beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation by audible clicks from an internal speaker and by the compressed-scale meter. The beeping will begin above 100 mR/hr, intervals between beeps decreasing in relation to field strength, becoming a continuous alerting tone above 200 mR/hr. The DX-2 is useful for measuring higher levels (compacting several ranges into one scale) and features the ability to be recalibrated via a backside adjustment screw.

A single pushbutton activates the DX-2 only when needed, conserving battery power. An LED indicator alerts you of battery condition upon each use. Applications for the units are many and may include checking for environmental contamination, industrial, clinical, field, school classroom, home use, or wherever radioactive materials are present. Perfect for rock and mineral enthusiasts for its simplicity and convenience in identifying naturally radioactive rocks and ores, or for workers handling radioactive minerals, metals, and isotopes.

DX-2 Operation Manual
Portable Radiation and Dosimeter Comparison Chart
Download a High Resolution Map of Nuclear Sites in the USAUnderstanding Radiation Safety Principals

Radiation meters are a special purchase item to address the needs of our customers and are non-refundable, with the exception of products that are not functioning due to manufacturer defects. Replacement for defective items must have troubleshooting performed by our technical department prior to RGA approval.

6 5/8 x 3 1/4 x 1 3/8 "
One, 9-Volt battery
Operating Conditions
-10 to 40 °C
0-100 mR/hour (0-1000 uSv/hr)
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