Transformer Ballast 220V for MP16, MP 22, MP36, MP49, S17, S23, S37 & S50 Series

10-0136 Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation10-1039
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Part Number: 10-0136
Alt. Part Number: 10-1039, 10-1075
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Replacement 220V/50Hz Transformer Ballast for Atlantic UV Mighty Pure MP16 / MP22 / MP36 / MP49 Series and Sanitron S17 / S23 / S37 & S50 Series in 220v / 50Hz

This new improved version replaces older 220V/50Hz Transformer Ballast p/n's 10-1075, 10-1039. The Sanitron S50 220V Series also accepts current Transformer Ballast # 10-0127.

10-0136 Surelite Electronic Ballast Wiring Diagram

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System Type
220 V
50-60 Hz
Operating Conditions
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