Atlantic UV Lamp for ALL Megatron UV Systems

05-1313A Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation051313A

Made in USA 

Part Number: 05-1313A
Alt. Part Number: 051313A
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Replacement UV Lamp / Bulb for Atlantic UV Megatron models MP50 (4 per), M90 (7 per), M150 (12 per), M250 (19 per). 


Length base to base (excludes pins): 64" (1572 mm)
Length pin to pin:
Pin Configuration:  3 pin single end
UV Output: 25 watts
Wavelength: 254 nm
Life: 9,000 hours
Origin: Made in USA
Warranty: One year manufacturer warranty

Also Compatible With:
Atlantic UV Lamps, etc M50, M90, M150, M250
9,000 hrs.
4 Pin
Germicidal (254nm), Preheat
25 W
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