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Effectively keep your ice machine clean and maintenance free

Part Number: IW2
Alt. Part Number: Selecto's Slime Guard and Nu Calgon's Ice Guard AP
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Ice Wand™ Ice Machine Water Filter and Slime Inhibitor

Dirty conditions in ice machines are a major cause of ice contamination. This can lead to poor taste, foul odors, murky and/or discolored ice cubes, and shortened machine life. These conditions can easily be avoided by using the Ice Wand™ system.

Do not be fooled by imitators such as Ice-Guard Slime Control System, Nu Calgon's Ice Guard AP™ or Selecto's SlimeGuard™ as these are not nearly as effective or cost efficient.

Eliminates Ice Contamination. The patented antimicrobial media used in the Ice Wand™ practically eliminates bacterial growth in your ice machine, minimizing the otherwise expensive and labor intensive maintenance requirements of having an ice machine.
Improved Quality and Efficiency. The Ice Wand™ provides higher quality ice along with a more efficient ice-cycle time. Improved efficiency of the ice-maker will prolong the life of your equipment, reducing your cost of operations.
Compatible with Most Ice Machines. The Ice Wand™ is being used in ice machines like Hoshizaki, Scotsman (aka Aquabullet), Ice-O-Matic, and Manitowoc. They are used in restaurants, hotels, and convenience stores around the country. Also known as the Chemco "The Inhibitor" Q946-01.

Ice Wand™ Installation Instructions

  1. Prior to installing the Ice Wand™, clean and sanitize the interior of the ice machine completely.
  2. Place the Ice Wand™ directly into the ice machine sump (water holding tank) and fasten according to instructions.
  3. After 3 months, replace with a fresh Ice Wand™. (FreshWaterSystems can automatically ship your replacement Ice Wand™ with our reFresh program so that you don't have to remember when it is time to replace your Ice Wand™.)

System Add-Ons

Make Your Ice Machine More Efficient
Save electricity and boost your ice production volume with the compatible ChillTech Heat Exchanger.

  • ✓ Increase your ice production up to 30%
  • ✓ Reduce your ice maker cycle times
  • ✓ Lowers kWh consumption by up to 30%
  • ✓ Includes 2 year warranty
  • ✓ Self cleaning and maintenance free
Also Compatible With:
Ice Filtration Systems Chemco - Inhibitor (Slime & Mold Control) Q946-01
Nu-Calgon Ice Guard, 4209-06, Mini Ice Guard, 4209-05
Scotsman Aquabullet, ADS-AB6, ADS-AB1
Selecto SlimeGuard, 40-002
7-3/4 "
1-1/4 "
Ice Filtration System
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