Quartz Sleeve # QS36648 for AQ36648 DLR 2, DLR 4, Aquada 2, Aquada 4 Series

QS36648 AQ36648

Part Number: QS36648
Alt. Part Number: AQ36648
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Quartz Sleeve # QS36648 fits Wedeco DLR 2A / 2AP / 2M, DLR 4A / 4AP / 4M and Culligan Aquada 2, Aquada 4.  The Wedeco AQ35492 Head Piece O-Ring seals the Quartz Sleeve to the Headpiece (p/n AQ36538) and should be replaced every 12 months (sold separately).
W 490 x D 360 x H 520mm
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