Wedeco / Ideal Horizons Quartz Sleeve Dome Shaped # QTZD007

QTZD007 Wedeco / Ideal HorizonsDI-QTZD005

Part Number: QTZD007
Alt. Part Number: DI-QTZD005
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Clean or replace Quartz Sleeve regularily to keep glass free of deposits (eg iron, calcium) and replace O-Ring # 42213 (ORNG009) annually.  Fits Wedeco / Ideal Horizon models  C-4, CD-4, ME7/10, ME38K4/6, SRE-4-EP, SVE-7, SVE-10, SSWE-10, UVR10000
Also Compatible With:
Master Water Conditioning QSV7
Neptune UV 3000
19.02 "
22 x 24.5 x 483 mm
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