Hydrotech 41400002 CTA Reverse Osmosis Membrane 15 gpd

41400002 Hydrotech
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Made in USA 

15 Gallons Per Day - CTA

Yellow Tape

Part Number: 41400002
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Hydrotech 41400004 TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane 15 gpd

Hydrotech 41400002 CTA Reverse Osmosis Membrane 15 gpd:

The Hydrotech 41400002 Reverse Osmosis Membrane is a genuine Hydrotech 15 gallon per day CTA membrane. It is compatible with Hydrotech HT10303 and F-HT-9A model RO systems. The 41400002 cellulose triacetate membrane is the solution for chlorinated water applications where a carbon prefilter is not desired.

  • CTA (Cellulose Triacetate) Membrane
  • No carbon prefilter required in chlorinated water applications
  • Flow Rate: 15 gallons per day
  • Easily identified by yellow tape band over blue wrap
  • Fits Hydrotech F-HT-15A and HT10304 RO systems
  • Also known as S-FS-08
  • Packaged with a preservative solution to protect from freezing and bacterial growth
  • NOTE: Do not freeze (store between 35 - 50˚F)

This packaging contains preservative solution to protect product from freezing and bacterial growth. Flush membrane for one hour prior to usage.

Hydrotech 41400002 Membrane HT Series System Specifications

Also Compatible With:
Arrowhead Puritap S-FS-08
Hydrotech S-FS-08
15 gpd
Membrane Specifications
12 - 18 months
Operating Conditions
100 °F
100 psi
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