Replacement Aluminum Rod - PR 2

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Model: PR-2
Part Number: AR-2
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Replacement Aluminum Rod for the PR-2 Precipitator

The Precipitator Demonstrator PR-2, also known as a TDS indicator, is an effective sales tool and acts as a visual demonstration which displays the differences between a customer's tap water and filtered, purified water. The PR-2 model is a smaller, scaled-down version of the PR-1, and requires 2 Iron Rods (IR-1) and 2 Aluminum Rods (AR-2). Don't let the demo fail because you don't have replacement parts! Replace rods from an aesthetic perspective as appearance does not effect performance.

  • Replacement rods for the Precipitator Demonstrator PR-2
  • PR-2 requires 2 aluminum rods for use
  • The PR-2 has been discontinued

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