Watts Flowmatic 50 GPD 5 Stage RO System GTS-550

Watts Flowmatic 50 GPD 5 Stage RO System GTS-550
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NSF Certified 

5 Stage RO System with Quick Connect Fittings

2.6 Gallon NSF Metal Storage Tank

Model: FMRO5G
Part Number: GTS-550S
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$164.99 / with metal tank
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Reverse Osmosis Sanitizing Maintenance Kit +$3.75
Aquatec ERP-500 Permeate Pump for up to 50 GPD Permeate Pump Only +$54.89
Refrigerator Icemaker Water Filter Adapter Kit 3/8" +$14.99
AXEON TFM-50 TFC Residential RO Membrane 50 GPD +$34.43

Watts Flowmatic 50 GPD 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System GTS-550

The Watts Flowmatic 50 GPD 5 Stage RO System offers advanced water filtration. This complete reverse osmosis under-sink system, includes everything you need to get safe, delicious drinking water right from the tap, including the installation kit, a storage, the 5-stage filtration system (including all filters), and a faucet!

Also Known As
Watts: FMRO5G, GTS-550-MT, GTS-550S-NAGF-PT,
GTS5505-NAGF, GTS-550S-DRACMA, 500379

NSF Certified
The Watts Flowmatic RO System is certified to meet NSF/ANSI standard number 58.

Better Water
This RO system provides your family with better water for drinking, cooking, ice, aquariums, humidifiers, and more.

Contaminant Reduction. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems include membrane separation, activated carbon absorption and conventional filtration to reduce the entire spectrum of contaminants that can be found in water. RO systems substantially reduce heavy metals, such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury; radium 226 / 228 selenium, cysts, chlorine, salts, turbidity and more!
Turbidity & Color Reduction. Cloudy water is due to turbidity, or finely divided particles. Color in water is most often due to dissolved organic matter. Often, these problems result in water that is unpleasant to drink. Turbidity and color in water can easily be corrected with point-of-use water treatment systems.
Eliminates Bad Taste & Odors. From its passage from clouds to your tap, water comes in contact with many different impurities which can produce foul taste and odors that can ruin the enjoyment of prepared foods and beverages. This system works to remove these foul tastes and smells.
Saves You Time & Money. Many individuals are buying bottled water because they are concerned about drinking water quality. Bottled water is expensive, and it’s very inconvenient. Water produced by RO systems cost pennies a gallon, compared to a dollar or more for bottled water.
Low Maintenance. Filters should be replaced every 6 months to 1 year depending on the quality of your water. The Filmtec reverse osmosis membrane should be replaced every three years, depending on the quality of your water.
Residential Applications. Drinking water • Ice cubes • Juices, coffee & tea • Cooking water • Low sodium diets • Auto batteries • Soup & Sauces • Steam irons • Weight loss diets • Aquariums • Baby formulas • Plants • Pets • Humidifiers • And more!
Also Compatible With:
Watts FMRO5G, GTS-550-MT, GTS-550S-NAGF-PT, GTS5505-NAGF, GTS-550S-DRACMA, 500379
5 Stage
50 GPD
Quick Connect Fittings
Drop-in Cartridge
5 µm
Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon
Thin Film Composite
Non Air Gap Faucet
16.7 "
16.3 "
5.3 "
Operating Conditions
1/4" quick connect
3/8" quick connect
3/8" quick connect
1/4" OD tubing
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