Aries 10" BB Softening Resin Cartridge

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Made in USA 

Softened water in a cartridge-style design

Part Number: WS-BB-10
Alt. Part Number: AF-10-3003-BB
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Aries 10" BB Softening Resin Cartridge

The Aries WS-BB-10 10" BB Softening Resin Cartridge uses high purity ResinTech® resins to soften your residential or commercial water. The resin removes iron and other contaminants while reducing hardness. The media is NSF and ANSI certified and fits both standard and industrial housings. The WS-BB-10 will leave your water refreshing, soft and clean.

  • High Purity ResinTech® Resins
  • Specialty Adsorbents
  • Materials FDA approved
  • Temperature Range: 40° to 100° F
  • Pressure Range: 20 PSI to 125 PSI
  • Micron Rating: 25 µm
  • Operating Flow Rate: 0.75 GPM
  • Grains: 2,858

Water Quality Guidelines

Arsenic< 50ppb
Conductivity<1000 micromhos/cm
pH6.0 - 8.0
Silica< 10 ppm
Sulfate< 100 ppm
Phosphate< 5 ppm
Chlorine<0.3 ppm
Tubidity< 5 NTU

WQA Gold Seal
10" (25.4 cm)
4.5" (11.4 cm)
Materials of Construction
Cation Exchange Resin
CGS Cation
Thermoplaster Elastomer (TPE)
Filter Life
2,858 Grains
As Needed
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
25 µm
Operating Conditions
125 psi
0.75 gpm
40 - 100 °F
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