Omnipure K2555-BB Inline DI Mixbed - 10 x 2 1/4 fpt Filter

K2555-BB OmnipureS056-0023-002
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Part Number: K2555-BB
Alt. Part Number: S056-0023-002
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Omnipure K2555-BB Inline DI Mixbed - 10 x 2 ¼ fpt Filter Features:

Economical Mixed Bed Deionizer Replacement Filters for all major brands of laboratory water systems including Aquamax, Millipore, Barnstead, Labconco and Continental/US Filter laboratory water purification systems.

Ionac NM-72/HP is a high capacity Semi Conductor grade mixed bed ion exchange resin consisting of a 2:l by volume mixture of a Type II strong base anion exchange resin and a strong acid cation exchange resin. Ionac NM-72/HP is manufactured with a closely controlled particle size (screen) distribution, then specially purified and converted to better than 90 percent of its regenerated form to insure that Ionac NM-72/HP yields a high purity water quality.

  • Physical Form: Spherical Beads
  • Operating Temperature: 95° F (35° C)
  • Bed Depth: 30 in. (76 cm)
  • Flow Rate: 5 - 7 GPM/sq. ft. (12-17 m/hr)
  • Maximum Influent Limitations: Free Chlorine <0.5, Turbidity<1.00, Heavy Metals <0.10

Ionac NM-72/HP Specifications
10" (25.4 cm)
Materials of Construction
Mixed Bed DI Resin
Filter Life
150 Grains as CaCO3
As Needed
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
DeIonization (DI)
1/4" FPT
Operating Conditions
0.50 gpm
35-100 °F
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