Sterilight S320RL-HO UV Lamp for SPV-6, SP320-HO, SC-320 & SCM-320 Systems

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Part Number: S320RL-HO
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Sterilight S320RL-HO Replacement UV Lamp

The Sterilight S320RL-HO (High Output) Lamp is the original replacement UV bulb for the Sterilight SPV-6, SP320-HO, SC-320 & SCM-320 water disinfection systems. When you buy a Genuine Sterilight S320RL-HO UV lamp you can be assured of the performance, safety, and warranty of your system.

  • The S320RL-HO UV Lamp is compatible with the SPV-6, SC-320SCV320-DWS12SC320-DWS22SCM-320SCV-320, and the SP320-HO UV systems.
  • Genuine Replacement Lamp: Sterilume-HO germicidal UV lamp 
  • Warranty Approved Replacement UV Lamp
  • Color Base: gray
  • Environmentally Friendly: >10mg of mercury
  • TCLP Complaint
  • Proprietary LongLife+ Coating

9000 hrs.
4 Pin Stepped
Germicidal (254nm), Preheat
42 W
100-250 V
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