WellMate WM-25WB Well Pressure Tank 87 gal

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Part Number: WM-25WB
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WellMate WM-25WB Well Pressure Tank Features:

The WellMate WM-25WB is a corrosion-proof well pressure tank that is made with a composite of continuous fiberglass strands sealed with high-grade epoxy resin. They won't rust, dent, or come apart at the seams, and a rugged impact proof base is included. The WellMate WM-25WB comes with a 5 year warranty with a one year replacement labor allowance.

  • Corrosion-proof composite construction
  • Won’t rust in corrosive environments, particularly important in coastal regions
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Longer life, greater flexibility
  • Light weight
  • Replaceable air cell

Tank Specifications
86.7 Gallons
1-1/4" MPT
26 Gallons
55-1/4 "
24 "
72.75 lbs
Operating Conditions
100 °F
125 psi
Assembled in the USA
5 years
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