Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-C1 for all Cobalt "PLUS" Systems

254NM-C1 Sterilight Lamps, etc
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Sterilight UV Sensor Assembly 254NM-C1

This UV monitor is a true 254nm ultraviolet sensor incorporating individual calibration boards which allows for field replacement of sensor only, if necessary. The 254NM-C1 ensures the UV system is working by measuring the intensity of the system and making any necessary adjustments.Audible and visual indicators are included as integral components.

The Sterilight 254NM-C1 is the UV assembly for the Cobalt™ "Plus" series. This sensor reads 254nm from a low pressure high output UV lamp. The 254NM-C1 comes complete with an integral calibration board and 3' of sensor cable with a water-tight connection. 

The 254NM-C1 can only be used on the Cobalt™ "Plus" series:

100-140 V
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