Everpure ROM II Replacements (2) Pack - 3/8" JG

ROMII-38JG Everpure Residential
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Everpure Replacement Filters for ROM II & III shipments are temporarily suspended to California pending California recertification.

Model: ROM II
Part Number: ROMII-38JG
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MSRP: $209.24
Price: $88.40 

Everpure ROM II Replacement (2 Pack) 3/8" JG Features:

Replacement 2 Pack includes:
For a more economical solution for your reverse osmosis system, we recommend the PURA QCRO4V Quick Change RO Manifold with Filters and Membrane which can produce high quality drinking water at a fraction of the price. You can upgrade to this new, quick change system, while keeping your existing RO tank and faucet.

Everpure Residential Replacement Filters Warranty ROMII-38JG
Everpure TFC Installation Manual/Owner's Guide ROMII-38JG
Everpure TFC Information ROMII-38JG
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