Everpure EV3081-68 Flow Control Restrictor Fitting Pack

EV3081-68 EverpureEV8001-22b
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NSF Certified 

Part Number: EV3081-68
Alt. Part Number: EV8001-22b, EV3081-76a
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Everpure EV3081-68 Flow Control Restrictor Fitting Pack

Used to restrict flow through a filter to meet NSF Certifications on filters rated at 1/2gpm. Kit includes two 1/4" quick connect x 3/8" MNPT male elbow fittings. One of the fittings includes a 0.5 gpm stainless steel flow restrictor.

Required for the following cartridges (rated at 1/2gpm): AC, BH, H-100, H-104, H-104S, H-1200, H-200, H-201, H-300, H-50, H-54, OCS, OW2 Plus, OW200L, OW4 Plus, Pro 2500, Pro 3500, S-100, S-104, S-200, S-54, 2DC, 2K Plus, 4C, 4DC, 4DH, 4H, 4K Plus, THM #1, THM #2, VOC #1, VOC #2

NSF 14
Operating Conditions
35-100 °F
10-125 psi
Types of Fittings
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