3M Aqua-Pure APHF-RC Handheld Hose Filter Replacement Cartridge

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Model: APHF-RC
Part Number: 56148-43
Alt. Part Number: 70020020510
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3M Aqua-Pure APHF-RC Shower Replacement Cartridge

Replacement Aqua-Pure shower head water filter cartridge for Aqua-Pure APHF and APHHSF hand held shower filter systems.

  • For optimum performance replace every 3 months
  • Compatible with 56148-09, 56148-10, 56148-11, 56148-30, 56148-31, 56148-43, AP-HFRC APHF APHF-PC APHF-PG APHF-RC APHFRC APHHSF APHHSF-PC APHHSF-PG APHHSF-WH

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