Costguard CGT-20 GAC Filter 20"

Costguard CGT-20 GAC filter 20-inch
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Costguard CGT-20 GAC Filter 20" Features:

The Costguard CGT-20 GAC filter has granular activated carbon (GAC) that helps reduce suspended particles from the filtered water. Improve the taste of your beverages, such as fountain drinks, coffee and tea, as well as your drinking water! The filter will also help keep your equipment running at peak efficiency and keep your maintenance costs down.

  • Effective chlorine taste and odor (CTO) reduction
  • Allow maximum contact between the water and carbon
  • Designed for maximum absorption
  • Postfilter to reduce carbon fines
  • Manufactured entirely from FDA-compliant materials making them an ideal choice for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications

Save electricity and boost your ice production volume with the compatible ChillTech Heat Exchanger.

Costguard CGT-20 GAC Filter Specification Sheet

Also Compatible With:
All Costguard Replacement Filters EV9108-32, CGT-20
Bunn C-20, ED-T-2
Cuno 3M 8000 Series CFS017-C20
Everpure DEV9108-32, EV9108-32, CGT-20
Foodservice, Beverage, Coffee and Ice Filters EV9108-32, CGT-20
PureMark PFS27
NSF 42
20" (50.8 cm)
Materials of Construction
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
Filter Life
10000 Gallons
6 to 12 Months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
20 µm
Operating Conditions
2 gpm
16 psid
40-125 °F
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