Pentek 155155-43 CC-10 Coconut Granular Activated Carbon Filter

NSF Certified 

Part Number: 155155-43
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Pentek 155155-43 CC-10 Coconut Shell GAC Filter Cartridge

  • Fits in most 10" housings
  • Fits Culligan HF-150, HF-160, and HF-360 Housings
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor, and MTBE*
  • Greater VOC reduction than standard GAC cartridges*
  • Post-filter to reduce carbon fines
  • The construction of the cartridge allows water to enter at one end and pass through the entire length of the carbon bed before exiting the other end of the cartridge, while an internal expansion pad minimizes channeling or bypass
  • Before the water exits the cartridge, a 20-micron postfilter helps remove carbon fines and other suspended particles from the filtered water

*Notes Based on Manufacturer's Internal Testing:

  • Internal testing of CC-10(s) at 0.6 gpm (2.3 L/min) has shown an average of 92% reduction of 18.9 ppb MTBE through 750 gallons (2840 L), and an average of 98% reduction of 300 ppb chloroform (VOC surrogate chemical) through 425 gallons (1605 L)
  • Cartridge performance and capacity may vary depending on water conditions and testing variables
  • For drinking water applications, do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system
  • A drinking water cartridge may contain carbon fines (very fine black powder). After installation and before using the water, follow the instructions for flushing the cartridge to remove fines.
  • It is recommended that you run the tap for 20 seconds prior to using the water for drinking or cooking purposes

Pentek 155155-43 CC-10 Coconut Shell GAC Cartridge

Also Compatible With:
Ecowater 7156894
Kenmore 155109-07, 34365
NSF 42
9-3/4" (24.8 cm)
Materials of Construction
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)
Buna-N, Santoprene
Filter Life
7500 Gallons
6 to 12 Months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
20 µm
Operating Conditions
1 gpm
4.5 psid
40-125 °F
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