Hydrotech 41400009 Carbon Block Pre/Postfilter

Hydrotech 41400009 Carbon Block Reverse Osmosis Filter
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Hydrotech 41400009 Carbon Block Reverse Osmosis Pre/Postfilter

The Hydrotech 41400009 Carbon Block filter works as an all-in-one prefilter and postfilter, eliminating the need for having to purchase and replace multiple filters for your Reverse Osmosis system. 

Reduces Particulates in Water. The 41400009 cartridge filters sediment, dirt and rust particulate down to 10 microns. The carbon block media reduces bad tastes and odor in addition to chlorine which can damage your RO membrane.

Additional Specifications:
  • Cost Effective
  • Replace every 6 months, or as needed

Replacement Cartridge for these Hydrotech RO systems:
  • HT101 Series
  • HT102 Series
  • HT103 Series
  • HT123 Series

Hydrotech 41400009 Filter 1240 Series System Specifications
Hydrotech 41400009 Filter HT Series System Specifications
Hydrotech 41400009 Filter HT123 Series System Specifications

Selecting the correct membrane for your Hydrotech reverse osmosis system:

Hydrotech reverse osmosis membranes are available in thin film composite (TFC) or cellulose triacetate (CTA) and a number of different permeate flow rates. The easiest way to determine which membrane is right for your system is to match the color of the tape band wrapped around the membrane. TFC membranes will have a yellow or green wrap, along with the colored tape to identify the permeate flow rate. CTA membranes will have a blue wrap, along with the colored tape. Use the chart below to select the correct membrane.

Flow Rate
Tape Color
33001071Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane9 gpdRed
41400004Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane15 gpdYellow/Green
33001068Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane25 gpdBlack
41400006Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane35 gpdPurple/Green
33001033Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane50 gpdWhite
33001056Hydrotech TFC RO Membrane75 gpdBlue
41400001Hydrotech CTA RO Membrane9 gpdRed
41400002Hydrotech CTA RO Membrane15 gpdYellow
Also Compatible With:
Arrowhead Puritap S-FS-19
Hydrotech S-FS-19
Sierra Springs S-FS-19
US Pure Water Products S-FS-19
Materials of Construction
Carbon Block
Filter Life
6 to 12 Months
Filter Type
Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Sediment/Dirt/Rust
10 µm
Operating Conditions
40-100 °F
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