LCS-38 Leak Controller Water Shut-off System - 3/8" Tubing

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A Specialized Water Alarm and Shut-Off System

Model: LCS
Part Number: LCS-38
This item is no longer available. We have replaced it with:
Watts LPSOV Leak Protector and Shut-Off Valve

LCS-38 Leak Controller Water Shut-off System Features:

The LCS-38 Leak Controller is a specialized, very affordable water alarm and shut-off system. Battery operated and fitted with a quick-connector water ball valve, We provide a system that is very easy to install and operate. Upon sensing moisture, the LCS-38 Leak Controller will engage the shut-off valve and sound an alarm. The water source is cut off, stopping the leak while the alarm continues to sound until the valve is manually reset. By preventing continuous water flow, mold and property damage is restricted and user liability is reduced.
  • Made in USA Quick-Connection NSF Approved Ball Valve with Auto Shut-off
  • Audio and blue LED Indicator
  • One Button System Testing/Silence
  • LeakLogic RISC Based Logic Control
  • Connection Size: 3/8" for Plastic and Copper Tubing
  • Sensor Contacts Stainless Steel Plated
  • Pull-Out Battery Holder for Convenient Battery Replacement
  • 2 Sensor Mats
  • 1 Sensor Included With Coin Test Slot and Series Connectors
  • Built With Superior Impact Resistant ABS Plastic with Critical Components Reinforced with Nylon and Glass Materials
  • Water Detection Sensitivity Down to 8 ppm TDS (total dissolved solids)

LCS-38 Leak Controller Specifications:

  • Power: 4 “AA" size alkaline type batteries (replace every year or upon low battery notification rapid blue LED flashing 4 times in succession)
  • Sensor: Electro-mechanically dual probe with series connectors
  • Temperature: System operating range: 40°-100° F, Water operating range: 36°-140° F
  • Size: 6.75" (H) x 3.25 (W) x 2.5 (D)
  • Solenoid:6V DC Push-Type
  • Alarm: 85+db at 5’ @ 3.4 ± 0.5 KHz pulsing alarm
  • LED Operation: Flashing blue LED once every 5 seconds indicates proper operation. Flashing blue LED 4 times rapidly in succession repeatedly with audio upon activation
  • Mounting: Accessories and bracket supplied for wall mounting
  • Applications: refrigerator ice maker, dishwasher, washing machine, toiler, water purification systems, coffee makers, ice makers, appliances with water hook-up.
  • 2 Year Warranty
LCS-38 Leak Controller Installation Instructions
LCS-38 Leak Controller Detailed Installation Instructions
24 months
Operating Conditions
0 - 150 PSI
wall mounting
Dishwasher, Refrigerator ice maker, Washing machine
Types of Fittings
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