Watts Kwik Change 10" Hollow Fiber Membrane

Watts Kwik Change 10-inch Hollow Fiber Membrane
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Fresh Water Systems is proud to carry the Qwik Change Filtration System. We would like to offer our valued customers the 13" version.

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Watts Kwik Change 10" Hollow Fiber Membrane

The Watts Kwik-Change cartridges are easy to change with just a single turn. No filter sumps, no mess, and the double O-rings prevent leakages.

  • Cartridges connect directly to the unit by a simple 1/4 turn.
  • Filter housings are eliminated. No mess during cartridge replacement
  • Cartridges have double o-rings so they won't leak
  • Compact design, so the unit requires less space below your sink.
  • This filter is not compatible with the Watts Premier UF3.

Watts WQCHFC10 Kwik-Change Drinking Water Brochure

Membrane Specifications
10 "
Operating Conditions
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