Lead Free Brass Compression Sleeve - 7/16"

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Part Number: TSB-07
Alt. Part Number: 60C-07,C60-07,260X7,60A-7,S60-7
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$0.21 / single
$16.00 / 100 pack (~$0.16 each)

Lead Free Brass Compression Sleeve - 7/16"

The TSB-07 is a 7/16" lead-free compression sleeve. It is also known as a tube sleeve or ferrule. This tube sleeve is used to connect aluminum, copper, and plastic tubing. The sleeve is effectively sealed on both sides when it is properly squeezed between the nut and the fitting and compressed onto the tubing.
  • Sleeve: 7/16"
  • Material: Lead Free Brass

CAUTION: Over tightening the nut will cause a leak.

7/16 "
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