Culligan WHR-140 Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge

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NSF Certified 

Level 2 Extra Filtration

Genuine Culligan® Filters

Part Number: 255453-27
Alt. Part Number: WHR-140, 4164760, 4164752
MSRP: $19.45
Price: $13.89 
Set of 3 for $12.99 ea

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Culligan WHR-140 and ISH-100 Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge

The Culligan WHR-140 & ISH-100 Replacement Shower Filter Cartridge with KDF media is NSF certified, inhibits bacteria growth, and helps your shower to give you cleaner, healthier skin and hair.

  • Replacement cartridge for Culligan ISH-100, ISH-200, WSH-C125 & HSH-C135
  • Filter Media: Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)
  • Reduces Chlorine, Odor, Scale & Sulfur 
  • Includes a cartridge-change reminder sticker
  • Filter Life: Up to 6 months or 10,000 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 gpm
  • Certified to meet NSF standard 177 for filtered showerhead systems

KDF filter media is more advanced when compared with standard carbon filters because of the bacteriostatic feature of this particular shower filter. The KDF shower filter cartridge included with this product is a bacteriostatic filter that inhibits bacteria from passing through or growing on the Culligan shower filter cartridge, as recent research has demonstrated that many shower heads often harbor harmful varieties of bacteria.

Ace Hardware # 4164760 and 4164752

Also Compatible With:
Ace Hardware 4164760, 4164752
Filter Specifications
Chlorine/Taste/Odor, Scale Inhibitor
Culligan Water Filters
Operating Conditions
2.5 gpm
Filter Life
10000 Gallons
6 Months
Materials of Construction
NSF 177
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