Float Assembly for MTN GNB 215

Part of the Nexus LXp Family of water coolers

Part Number: 97028
Alt. Part Number: GNB 215I-SIP
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MTN Products GNB 215I-SIP Nexus FS Point of Use Water Cooler Features:

The MTN Products Nexus floor standing water cooler features a stylish and contemporary appliance design. The elevated height and dispensing area of the GNB 215I-SIP makes it easy and convenient to fill both large and small containers. The SIP ozone water cooler sanitizer is integrated into the cooler for chemical-free sanitization of the cold water reservoir, keeping your drinking water free from bacteria, algae, mold and viruses.

  • Lighted spout and dispensing area
  • Built-in cup dispenser
  • Hot/Cold temperature ready indicator lights
  • Safety lock function for hot and cold water
  • Fast flow electronic dispensing
  • Dual mechanical float
  • UL Listed

iBoil - Increases the hot water temperature in the hot tank to nearly boiling when you need "hotter" water for coffee, tea, soups or noodles.
Accu-Temp - Proprietary dispensing system designed to serve drinking water at the proper temperature every time.
Stay-Cool - Keeps the residual water in the cold waterway chilled and ready to serve at all times.
SIP-Inside - SIP ozone sanitation system is integrated inside the water cooler and sanitizes the cold reservoir, waterways and faucets.

MTN Products GNB 215I-SIP Nexus FS Point of Use Water Cooler Specifications
MTN Products GNB 215I-SIP Nexus FS Point of Use Water Cooler Warranty
MTN Products GNB 2151-SIP Nexus FS POU Cooler Operation Manual
SIP Ozone Sanitizer Consumer Information Sheet

43.5 "
11.65 "
15 "
HDPE & ABS w/sheet metal structure
Chiller Specifications
Cooler Specifications
UL listed
Point of Use
Free Standing
Single Spigot
Operating Conditions
27 5oz cups/hr Gallons
1 Gallons
39-46 °F
45 6oz cups/hr Gallons
1.2 L
160-185 °F
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