Everpure EV9318-30 Water Chiller/Carbonator Appliance

EV9318-30 Everpure
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Part Number: EV9318-30
MSRP: $1,399.99
Regular Price: $999.99
On Sale For: $749.99 

Everpure EV983-30 Water Chiller/Carbonator Appliance Features:

The Everpure Exubera Chiller/Carbonator delivers chilled, sparkling or still water on demand. The cold water is chilled to 40°F and the carbonation level is adjustable. The Everpure EV983-30 is a compact unit that fits inside your kitchen cabinet or wet bar, but can still provide up to 1.85 gallons of cold water in one draw. 

  • 7.9 gallons chilled/carbonated water per hour
  • Chills to an ideal temperature of 40°F
  • Delivers up to 1.85 gallons of cold water in one draw.
  • Maintenance-free compressor; ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Consumes only 350 watts of electricity when compressor is cycling
  • Stainless steel components
  • UL listed

Exubera Water Chiller/Carbonator Includes:

  • CO2 pressure reducing valve for disposable CO2 cylinder (cylinder not included)
  • Water pressure reducing valve
  • Water block device (anti-flood device)
  • 3-wire service cord and plug
  • Fittings for water lines on unit

Exubera Water Chiller/Carbonator Required Accessories:

ATTENTION: The Exubera™ Sparkling and Still Chilled Water Appliance must be used with an Everpure Exubera faucet or the 3-way bar faucet.

Note: The Exubera & Helia products can not be sold in California.

Everpure Exubera EV983050 Carbonator/Chiller Specification Sheet
Everpure Exubera Chiller/Carbonator Owner's Manual
Everpure Exubera Chiller/Carbonator Installation Guide

14 "
7 "
17 "
Stainless Steel
Chiller Specifications
7.9 Gallons
Cooler Specifications
Operating Conditions
1.85 Gallons
40 °F
1 Year
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